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INTI'Lab launches a large internal challenge!

Inti'Lab, known as the R&D center of the INTITEK group, is responsible for the design of flagship products of Intitek for Manufacturing, such as our test benches for the automotive world or our machines for wine presses.
For 2018, Inti'Lab has decided to create an innovation program in the Internet of Things field. In the coming weeks, the INTITEK group will launch a large internal challenge, open to our 700 engineers, in order to choose the next connected object that will be developed by Inti'Lab.

Through this contest, Inti'Lab is looking for the winning idea, the product that will have the power to simplify everyday life and improve the well-being of individuals, at home, in the office, with their family or within any other community.

The winning project will be designed by the teams of Intitek for Industry (electric case, electronic …) but also by the engineers of Intitek for People (software, smartphone app ...). It will then be mass-produced by Intitek for Manufacturing.

This will be the fruit of a collective success involving the different businesses of the INTITEK group!