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TMA shares its success with a promotional offer this summer!

Faced with a continual revenue growth and a large international influence, TMA and INTITEK group have doubled the investment in R&D since the beginning of 2015 in order to provide more innovative and performant solutions for the ONYX Tester and TITANE Tester. In effect, new software, database, and hardware updates have been provided to our customers since May. Henceforth, ONYX and TITANE Testers will be subjected to regular updates which will provide new features and will make these products essential for all automotive professionals.

After the subsequent opening of a subsidiary in North America, South America and soon in Asia, TMA wanted to benefit from the worldwide success of these machines and the sunny summer to launch exceptionally in August 2015 a promotional campaign for the sale of ONYX and TITANE Testers. The following price increase scheduled for September 2015 will not prevent TMA test benches from being the most performant, the most technologically advanced, and also the most economical solution of the market.