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The IT environment is dominated by men - is it true or a myth?

Research shows that at the end of this year less than 25 percent IT positions in developed countries will be occupied by women. The imbalance in the gender of workers in this industry has been a problem for more than a dozen years, but with each passing year it becomes more and more visible. To make this change affect the education system, including making parents and educators aware that girls with as much success as boys can learn and deal with issues related to modern technologies and IT.

The problem of gender imbalance in IT-related positions applies to many countries. In the United States, the percent of women working on them is around 24 percent, in Sweden and Canada 22 percent, and in the United Kingdom 18 percent.

Even if a woman finds a job in an IT-related position, she must reckon with the fact that her salary may be lower than of a man who does the same job. In the US, it was investigated that the wage ratio among web designers is USD 79 cents to women's disadvantage. Among IT managers, the proportions are 87 cents per dollar. In Great Britain these disparities can reach up to 4 billion dollars a year. As much as 37 percent of the surveyed women working in British IT-related companies admitted that they feel that they have been omitted from the promotion path.

The increase in the number of women in the IT industry is necessary not only for social and cultural reasons, but also for economic reasons. According to EC research, if women were to work in the digital economy as often as men, European GDP could increase by around EUR 9 billion a year. In organizations where more women work in managerial positions, the rate of return on equity is 35%. higher, and the overall rate of return for shareholders is 34%. higher than in other comparable organizations.

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