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Our teams in Gdansk are working on the future of public transport!

Currently, as technology advances, the idea of creating autonomous buses is starting to ripen. For the moment, this type of solution remains limited to tests aimed at ensuring road safety.

On-board control systems allow vehicles to recognize traffic lights, as well as pedestrians and cyclists. Nevertheless, they can only move on marked roads.

For the purposes of the tests and due to the legal requirements, an operator is still on board the bus, whose role is to control his movements on the road and, if necessary, to guide it. The goal to achieve is autonomous displacement without human support.

Where can we see these buses? For example, in Paris and Tallinn, or in Stockholm, where a self-driving bus moves into the city, on a section of about 1.5 kilometers, accommodating 11 passengers on board.
In Poland, Gdańsk will be the first city to test autonomous buses in 2019.

Because Intitek Polska is a partner of the global players in the automotive industry, our engineers are part of the teams currently designing these buses of the future !