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Intitek Polska works with the largest companies in the world !

Intitek Polska works with the largest companies in the world! For our client from the energy sector, our consultant administer domain services.

The goal of our activities is to improve management and minimize maintenance costs by implementing a single environment for all companies that are perceived as customer-oriented. Our system administrator look after the failure-free operation of domain services. In addition, as a team member responsible for migration, we take a key role in migrating the company's servers. Due to the proficiency in using PowerShell technology, our system administrator make reports, mass implementations and writing solutions that expand the functionality of current solutions, eg DNS configuration backup including all zones, Zabbix system integration with ServiceNow, operations on over 73 thousand Active Directory objects in the environment production that is key to business.

If you want to work for the largest server migration in the world, join us and be part of Happy Digital World!