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Intitek for People and the Online Booking Tools

As a partner of one of the leading IT companies in the Business Travel sector, we are developing in the field of implementation projects. Our consultants are responsible, among others, for modifying, configuring and validating the booking and billing applications and tools.

We are integrating and implementing #OBT Online Booking Tool solutions for corporate clients.
OBT tools enable companies to efficiently book business trips and manage all related processes. It allows you to organize, manage and map the entire business travel process in a transparent way. It is a business travel management tool that also helps in the optimization of travel processes and costs.

The particular stages of travel management operated by OBT are as follows:

  • Travel planning: corporate rates and other rules are taken into account when planning a trip. Here, it is not necessarily about finding the cheapest option, but about determining the best individual connection. Search results are based on personal preferences and individual company policies.
  • Travel booking: Specified details are checked in the application background during booking. The system independently prompts the user to complete the profile if some data is missing. Automatically defined notes are entered into the booking, loyalty cards are taken into account and the places are reserved. To complete this process step, the traveling party receives a confirmation of the reservation and an appropriate entry in the calendar containing the most important travel information.
  • Before or during the journey : The traveler may receive additional travel information if required. In addition, you can make changes at any time.
  • Travel costs : Booking details for a business trip can be sent directly or indirectly via the operator to the preferred travel expenses report system.
  • Report : Comprehensive reporting functions, including predefined standard reports, support travel managers in analyzing and optimizing the business travel process.

If you have experience in working with #OBT or with #TMC Travel Management Companies, if you're open and looking for new challenges, contact us: rektrutacja@intitek.pl

We are looking for specialists for a number of positions, among others: Implementation Engineer, Integration Specialist, Delivery Manager, Product Consultant, QA Engineer, Business Analyst, Web Developer.