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Global Distribution System Specialist Wanted!

Hotel reservation systems are an increasingly popular form of hotel services. The systems are divided into two groups: GDS (Global Distribution System) and CSR (Central Reservation System).

GDSs operate on the B2B level, with the use of these systems, hotel reservations are made by tour operators and travel agencies. CSR operates on the B2C line, using CSR, that means that a guest can make a reservation directly at the hotel.

The creators and first users of Global Distribution Systems were airlines. The systems initially served only to sell airline tickets. Then other travel products appeared in the offer of systems (hotel reservations, train/ferry ticket, car rental).

GDSs owe their name to a huge range, covering the whole world, including hundreds of airlines and tour operators as well as tens of thousands of travel agencies and hotels on all continents. The GDSs market was dominated by four systems, often called the "big four": AMADEUS, GALILEO, SABER and WORLDSPAN.

For our projects in the Travel industry we are looking for specialists with: technical background (QA, DevOps, Webmaster) or management skills (Implementation/Integration Specialists).

Spanish and GDS knowledge - much appreciated!