Notre Vision

Our environmental charter

Intitek is committed to developing and sustaining an environmental policy.

Through this voluntary commitment, the group intends to limit the impacts of its activities on biodiversity and natural resources.
This approach is based on an expectation of our customers, our employees and the industrials sites on which the company is established. Waste management, air quality and awareness are the major axes of our policy.

In concrete terms, our commitments are as follows:

  1. Respect at least the legal and regulatory obligations, as well as the other requirements applicable to each of our activities ;
  2. Promote more environmentally friendly policies to effectively manage our environmental impact in waste management and air quality ;
  3. Educate and train our employees about environmental issues and effects associated with their activities ;
  4. Federate our partners (customers, subcontractors and suppliers) around our values so that they contribute to their scale to the preservation of the environment ;
  5. Monitoring our advancement in environmental impact and constantly strive to improve our performance in this area ;
  6. Communicate our objectives and progress to all our internal and external stakeholders.