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Consulting Activities: our Quality Policy

The Intitek group has seen its consulting activities be ISO 9001 - 2008 certified.
As such, through compliance with regulatory and legal requirements and with the processes of our Quality Management System, we ensure the satisfaction of all our customers whether external or internal to the company. Indeed, our quality policy favors the evolution and the blossoming of our consultants, as well as the satisfaction and the taking into account of our external customers’ requirements.
Beyond the mere compliance with standards, we are committed to a listening and customer satisfaction process, in which each employee is involved.
This approach is based on our technical and human qualities, all of which focused on renewing the trust of our customers, in order to:

  • Improve our competitiveness while ensuring the satisfaction of our customers;    
  • Optimize our operation;
  • Maintain control of our business line, and anticipate the needs of our customers by offering them skills adapted to their business, as well as innovative solutions that provide them with productivity gains.

We must listen to our customers but also to our staff.
Maintaining team spirit and dialogue, which contributes to good responsiveness, is the strength of a company of our size. For the benefit of all, it is important to:

  • Maintain and develop the level of competences of all our employees by ensuring that their level of competence matches our customers’ requests through trainings and relevant recruitment;
  • Listen to everyone by establishing a close follow-up between the employee on mission and his management.

We give ourselves the means to pursue our development with the aim of: 

  • Develop our key expertise;    
  • Adapt our business model to the constraints of the market;    
  • Develop our capacity of anticipation, our reactivity and our agility.    

We are counting on all Intitek stakeholders to apply the provisions contained in the quality documents and to propose any action necessary for the improvement of the system.